Portrait of “theCHAIR”


TheCHAIR came into business as a showroom for my hotel/restaurant clients and for private property owners. We have now turned theCHAIR into a design boutique, located under the arches of Zurich’s fabulous former railway viaduct.

At theCHAIR, clients can now find an outstanding choice of furniture and design pieces from four international designer labels: HAY, TOM DIXON, ALIAS und MOOOI. Why these four in particular? Because I have faith that each is backed up by high standards of design, innovation and quality.

Each of these designer labels is also based around an owner or a designer whose creative and artistic energy can only be appreciated properly if we show more than one or two of their pieces. This is the only way for the designer’s individual signature and personality to emerge in full. It matters a great deal to me that I should be able to present these powers to my clients within a vibrant environment. In truth, a chair is so much more than “just” a chair.

Erika Bichsel
Proprietor of theCHAIR